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Knothole Major Divisions Tournament Information

There is a post-season tournament for the following age groups:

D Senior
C Junior
C Senior
B Junior
B Senior

The North Region of the D Senior, C Senior, B Senior and A tournaments will be held at the Blue Ash Grooms Rd facility. The C Junior will be held at the Olympian Club (and other nearby fields); the B Junior will be held in Mason.

Directions to fields and brackets will be forthcoming.

The tournament is a 2 and out tournament and will start in July. You will play every other day until you lose two games or win the tournament. The entry fee is $160.

The City Final Tournaments for each age group will be held at the Blue Ash Grooms Rd facility starting July 25. It is also a two and out tournament played by the four regional winners.

The North region tournament is played from teams from Knothole districts 4 (us), 2, and 34. We will be able to send at least 4 teams from each age group and possibly as many as 6, depending on how many teams the other districts want to send and how many total teams are in the tournament. 

Eligibility is determined by number of WINS. Games not played do not count. The next tie-breaker is total games played (so a team with a 7 and 4 record finishes ahead of a team that finishes 7 and 1). If necessary, we’ll have a playoff to determine team eligibility. The last day to play regular season games is 6/30.

Teams may NOT pick up additional players for the tournament. Players must have been on the team roster BEFORE June 1 in order to be eligible.