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Coaches, Parents and Players the Official Rules of Knothole of Greater Cincinnati, District 4 and Coach Pitch are now available on this section of the Baseball Website

Knothole Rule Changes

Bat Rule. (Knothole Rule 15). 

There are two changes. One is that many more of the new bats will have the BPF rating on them. It is still the coach’s responsibility to provide proof that the bat is bpf rated.

The other change is that the there is an additional penalty. Besides the batter being out and the bat being removed from play, the coach is ejected. The idea is that the composite bats with a high rebound effect are dangerous and need to be removed from play. The coaches need to be proactive in making this happen.

The full rule can be viewed (along with the other Knothole rules) at the Knothole website (greatercincinnatiknothole.com).